We provide 3 types of packaging, which including amber glass bottles, plastic bottles, jars / drums. These packaging able to preserve our products safely and convenient for your storage.

Amber Glass Bottles:

Suitable for photosensitive solvents and acids.
We offer 100 ml, 500 ml , 1 L , 2.5 L and 4 L sizes
500 ml and 1 L : 6 bottles per box
100ml , 2.5 L and 4 L : 4 bottles per box

Plastic Bottles:

Plastic Bottles are supplied when chemical properties of the content and bottle are compatible, because they minimize the risk of breakage, and are lighter in weight as well as being easier and more economical to transport.

We offer 25 G, 100 G, 500 G, 1 kg, 500 ml, 1 L, 2.5 L and 4 L sizes
500 ml and 1 L: 6 bottles per box
2.5 L and 4 L: 4 bottles per box

Drums for Bulk Quantities:

HDPE and Metal Drum:
20 L HDPE Jar

25L HDPE Jar
30 KG HDPE drum
200 L HDPE drum
20L metal drum
25 L metal drum
200 L metal drum
If other packaging or sizes are required, kindly contact Classic Chemicals Sdn.Bhd,

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